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What is a Getting Started Fitness Evaluation?


Your Getting Started Evaluation is a 30-60 minute appointment with an (ALLIANCE FITNESS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES) certified personal trainer. Your trainer will take you through a fitness assessment designed to chart your starting point and map out a course for your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

The Fitness Assessment

Your Fitness Assessment is the first step toward reaching your fitness goals. You will meet with a personal trainer who will check your resting heart rate, take your blood pressure, measure your height and weight, and calculate your body mass index and your heart rate for cardiovascular training or for fat burning. At this time, you are offered the option to have a body composition test and evaluation photos taken. We will discuss your health history and your fitness goals.

Goal Setting

We will discuss your fitness goals and there is no need to worry if you do not yet have any goals. We will help you establish short-term goals to get you started, followed by long-term goals. This is the perfect time to ask any questions you may have. We will discover what you really know about fitness and remind you of some things you may already know and finally we will also update your fitness knowledge.  

Payment Schedule

Before you begin with your trainer, you must complete all of the administrative paperwork. Sessions are paid in full at the start of the program. Make-up sessions are only allowed with a 24-hour advance notice. You must speak with your trainer and re-schedule the make-up session within seven days of the original appointment. If you fail to contact your trainer in advance, you will be paying for the scheduled time(s).

Satisfaction and Program Tracking

You will learn safe, efficient and effective ways to execute basic exercise techniques. Your trainer will help you record your program and track your progress. You will also learn the names of each movement and how to perform them properly. Your trainer will also give you recommendations for the proper weight to use, number of sets and repetitions and the range of motions for your exercises. You will learn at least three basic movements for each body part.

Some guidelines for a successful Getting Started Evaluation:

• Arrive on time or a few minutes early

• Wear workout attire and athletic shoes

• Eat at least 1½ hours before workout (no caffeine please)

• Bring a bottle of water to drink

• Be as honest as possible with your trainer & ask questions

• Get good night of rest


Telephone: 877-675-AFPS (2377)

Fax: (877) 844-9721

E-mail: [email protected] 

We bring fitness to you!