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Master Fitness Program (MFP)

The MFP (Master Fitness Program) is an interval combination class for everyone from beginners to those who

are already in advanced condition. The MFP consists of various movements such as Aerobics, Balance Training, Cardio Modality, Mat Pilates, Plyometrics, Strength, Yoga and more...

There are 10+ Levels in the MFP...each level has 2 or 3 rounds...each round has approximately 15 exercises!

Two levels (Two to Three Rounds Each) are available for Purchase, and More coming soon!

Purchase Each Round for only $2.99!

Levels $8.00 (save 13%)!

When you have completed your payment, in PayPal, click "Return to AFPS"

Be sure you do so or you will not have access to the MFP Information you purchased.

More Levels Coming soon!