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Welcome to AFPS!

Have you talked to one of our trainers about Personal Training yet? If so, and you are interested in purchasing, you can do so online by simply clicking here.

Your time is valuable and convenience makes the difference. Alliance Fitness Professional Services (AFPS) has gone to great lengths to bring fitness to you. Our flexible hours are designed to work around your busy schedules; whether, it is early morning or late evening. We are just steps away. Our fitness trainers provide the information and motivation that makes it possible for anyone to start and succeed on their new fitness Program.

Alliance Fitness Professional Services makes it possible to balance the time constraints of a busy life, with a serious commitment to health. All it takes to get started is to arrange for a consultation with one of our fitness professionals; it is that simple! Contact us today and find out how we can help you reach your fitness goals just as we have helped many others.

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